Gear out of the same years

Lanz by spiegellos
Lanz, a photo by spiegellos on Flickr.

This old Lanz tractor is out of the same year as my old Leica IIIf. It is a nice feeling to see that this old stuff is working well because it is extremly well made quality. The details are very fine and it is crazy how sharp the old Summitar 50 f2 is in the centre at f 5,6. The film I have used was an Ilford FP4 125. My scanner is a Epson SU 1260 with silver fast 6.6 SE.

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    pois e eu agradee7o que nao rieptas porque de1s sempre ideias novas para conjugar =) isso sim e9 criatividade.ja eu bem ha dias que a preguie7a e a pachorra andam as cabee7adas uma com a outra e acabo no mesmo. e agora e9 tao interessante com esta barrigona acho que tudo me fica mal! =P ate o blog anda lentinho bj

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