Monats-Archive: September 2012

Leicaflex SL II

Leicaflex SL II by spiegellos
Leicaflex SL II, a photo by spiegellos on Flickr.

Now reactivated.

old door

old door by spiegellos
old door, a photo by spiegellos on Flickr.

This foto was made with a Leicaflex SL II and a Summicron R 35. The film was a Fuji Provia 100 scanned with Nikon Coolscan 4000ED. I was quite impressed by the sharpness and the distinktive look. Film for me still rocks and it fun time by time. I had made the same picture with the GXR and the same lens. I will show you next time.

think !

think ! by spiegellos
think !, a photo by spiegellos on Flickr.

it´s sometimes amazing what a children to with their fingers when they look tv. Black and white conversation with a file from Roch GXR A12 50mm. It is an outstanding lens IMO.


smile (1 von 1) by spiegellos
smile , a photo by spiegellos on Flickr.

Today´s best shot with the Ricoh GXR m-module and an old Leitz Elmar 90 f4 m39. Phili was running around and it was a real challenge to take sharp shot. But the smile in his face playing with me was worth teh challenge.