Monats-Archive: Juli 2012


brokerpunk by spiegellos
brokerpunk, a photo by spiegellos on Flickr.

This one is scanned with my new old nikon coolscan 4000ED. A very long procedure but not bad results. Also the pictures of  my old Ricoh GRD are not far behind in that film look.


chess by spiegellos
chess, a photo by spiegellos on Flickr.

In the streets of fazana croatia. children are playing chess. 1/15 sec Tri X 400. A nice job for the old Leica IIIf


Shadow by spiegellos
Shadow, a photo by spiegellos on Flickr.

This shot was made in Fazana Istria. Light and shadow was fascinating. It was an OOC jpeg pic. made with the Fuji X100. Shadows and are not bad but the white tones sometime blow out and are to hard for my opinion. Maybe raw would be a better choice  here. Otherwise the in camera jpeg processing of the X100 is brilliant and the colors are not far from amazing. The X100 and the Leica IIIf are my favorit work horses at the moment. The ricohs are mostly at home. Real window finders are more and more my thing of taking pictures.