Summicron R 35 2.0 on Ricoh GXR m-mount

I have some old Leica R lenses which are a joy to use on the GXR – mount. I really like the R 50 mm Summicron (75 mm exquivalent) because it is not so big and is extremly sharp. I don´t know wheater the m version is better but  I don´t think so. The 35 mm Summicron is another game player because it is bigger that the 50mm and it has a stronger competitor in the A12 50mm which at the same focal lenght. For me it must be much better in the optical department than the A12 50mm to use it instead. The form factor of the 35 mm Leica is more than twice as big and more than 3 times heavier than the A12 50mm lensor. So now have a quick look to some pictures that are taken with the cron.


Summicron R 35 at f2.0 wide open

The color rendering and the contrast is very good and also the sharpness is on very high level but not as good as the R 50 at f2.0


At f 4.0 the sharpness is extreme but the bokeh is a bit harsh. Colors are punchy and really nice. For me contrast an color is better than on the R50. But what is when we use the very nice A12 50mm lensor vs the summircon.


Ricoh A12 50 at f8


Summicron R35 at f8

Bildschirmfoto 2012-05-04 um 10.46.46


Bildschirmfoto 2012-05-04 um 10.46.58

A12 50

For me the Summicron is a little bit sharper because of the lack of AA-Filter from the m-mount. Contrast is better A12. In my opinion the A12 is exactly at the same level of quality as the Summicron 35 which is excellent. I like the A12 50 and there is no reason to go out with the heavy R35 Summicron because it is not really better but bulkier an heavier. But if you are quality freak and heavy and bulky is no problem the you might consider the R35 cron.


out of focus rendering with the Summicron wide open is a joy. I like the smooth bokeh.


A12 50mm also nice bokeh. I might be interessting to use the Summicron m 35 f2.0 against the A12 50. But the price is 2 times higher than the A12 50 and you have no AF.

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